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The Other Shore by Fred Skolnik

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Fred Skolnik was born in New York City and has lived in Israel since 1963, working mostly as an editor and translator. He is best known as the editor in chief of the 22-volume second edition of the Encyclopaedia Judaica, winner of the 2007 Dartmouth Medal and hailed as a landmark achievement by the Library Journal. Other award-winning projects that he has been associated with include The New Encyclopedia of Judaism (co-editor, 2002) and the 3-volume Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust (senior editor, 2001). At various times he has also operated a farm, managed a hotel, and served as financial comptroller of a textile firm. Now writing full time, he has published dozens of stories in the past few years (in TriQuarterly, Gargoyle, The MacGuffin, Minnetonka Review, Los Angeles Review, Prism Review, Underground Voices, and others). The Other Shore is his first published novel.

About the Novel:
The Other Shore is set in Israel in the 1980s, between the Lebanese War and the outbreak of the first Intifada (1984-1989), a pivotal time which saw the final transition of Israel from a Zionist-socialist society to a Western-style consumer society. The novel follows the lives of representative characters across the entire breadth of Israeli society but focuses on two families – the Shachars, a kibbutz family, and the Goldsteins, representing the emerging Israeli middle class. The protagonists in effect vie to win the heart and soul of Israel itself, personified by the beautiful Ariela.

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Review in Haaretz English Edition, August 2011
Review in The Jerusalem Post, Sept. 16, 2011
Review in 34th Parallel, Issue 04
Review in The Jewish Magazine

Advance Praise for The Other Shore:

The Other Shore is a compelling and insightful novel set [between the first Lebanese war and] the first Intifada. The book is a significant addition to our understanding of Israel, its politics and social history. A tale of two families, the novel encompasses a large social panorama, moving easily from the kibbutz to the city, from the army to the business world. Skolnik is adept at letting his chosen families move through the spectrum of Israeli life, reflecting as well as embodying it. As a result, it is not only an important addition to Jewish literature but also a necessary one.
―Lewis Fried, author of the Handbook of American Jewish Literature

Fred Skolnik delivers a multifaceted and richly textured intergenerational story, a vast canopy of war and peace that moves deftly through the strata of Israeli society, artfully rendering the lives of socialist kibbutzniks, urban capitalists, and soldiers in the field. He masterfully places the reader in the heat of still-raging controversies as experienced from a multitude of perspectives without ever straying into polemic. Whether portraying farmers or trendy Tel Avivians, the verisimilitude on display captivates and astonishes. The Other Shore offers the rich pleasures of an old-fashioned epic, presenting Israel’s tumultuous 1980s and the struggle to preserve an imperiled society built on a fragile dream, now adrift in malaise, doubt, and disillusionment, and struggling to fulfill the promise of its foundational ideals. In their struggles to create lives of coherence and meaning, the novel’s memorable characters consistently evoke the essential Israeli reality. A triumph of both the aesthetic and moral imagination.
―Ranen Omer-Sherman, author of Diaspora and Zionism in Jewish American Literature, Israel in Exile: Jewish Writing and the Desert, and others

Publications by Fred Skolnik

Stories & Novellas
Like Soldiers Everywhere – Cantarabooks, Aug. 2009 (ebook)
Americans – Caveat Lector, vol. 20, no. 1, Winter/Spring 2009; reprinted in Down in the Dirt , vol. 86, Sept. 2010
In the Diner – The MacGuffin, vol. 25, no. 1, Fall 2008
All the Lonely People – New Paradigm, Feb. 2009; reprinted in Storylandia (forthcoming 2011)
1901 – Literary House Review, Fourth Edition, Dec. 2010
Requiem for an Unborn Child – TriQuarterly, Issue 135/136, March 2010
Professor Middleton's Sunday Morning – Bracelet Charm, vol. 5, no. 42, Winter 2010; reprinted in The Seventh Sin, Shade City Press (forthcoming, 2011)
Defeat – Burnt Bridge 2, March 2011
Adrift in the Global Village – Gargoyle, Issue 56, June 2010
Creativity – Art from Art, Modernist Press (forthcoming, 2011)
Daily Life in Ancient America – Children, Churches & Daddies (forthcoming, 2011) (as Fred Russell)
Four Hours – Lunch Hour Stories, vol. 3, no. 2 (Issue 34), Jan. 2009 (published as "Something About Dying"); reprinted in Bracelet Charm, vol. 5, no. 46, Winter 2011
The Soccer Ball – Johnny America, Issue 7, July 2009
The Banquet – Neon, Issue 16, Aug. 2008
Waiting – Prism Review, Issue 11, Apr. 2009; reprinted in The Psyche Corrupted, Shade City Press, Jan. 2011
The Rooming House – 34 th Parallel, no. 4, Sept. 2008
Couple with Small Child – Cause & Effect, Issue 8, June 2008
The Riverboat – River Poets Journal, vol. 3, Issue 1, Autumn/Winter 2008/9; reprinted in Flashonomics, Shade City Press (forthcoming, 2011)
The Iceman – Minnetonka Review, Issue 4, Summer 2009
Dream Team – Third Wednesday, vol. 1, Issue 8, Summer 2009
Another Kind of Harmony – Sonar4, Fall 2009
The Discovery of Death – Front Range, vol. 5, Issue 1, Mar. 2010
The Health Farm – Los Angeles Review, vol. 7, no. 1, Spring 2010
Vinnie and Bill – Inwood Indiana Press, Feb. 2011 (web) (print forthcoming)
The Things Inside Us – Toucan, Issue 8, Fall 2010
Noir – Underground Voices, vol. 3, Dec. 2008
At the Fourth Annual Sharm el-Sheikh Freedom Fighters Convention – Third Coast (forthcoming, 2011) (as Fred Russell)
A Shallow Grave – Neon, Issue 16, Aug. 2008
The Cat Who Stayed for Dinner – Dark Things II, Black Car Publishing (forthcoming, 2011)
The Case of the $!000 Watch – Skive, Issue 11, June 2009
The Center Does Not Hold – Concisely, Issue 2, Winter 2010
Dream Fragment – Whispers from the Unseen, May 2009 (web); The Delinquent, Issue 12, Aug. 2010
The Factory - New Paradigm, June 2010
Gettysburg – Hoi PolloiIII, 2009; reprinted in Bracelet Charm, vol. 5, no. 44, Summer 2010
A Little Jewish Town – The Jewish Magazine, Issue 151, Feb. 2011 (web)
Now It Can Be Told – Polluto 7, Summer/Autumn 2010 (as Fred Russell)
Quiet Desperation – Erotique, Issue 1, Oct. 2009; reprinted in The Seventh Sin, Shade City Press (forthcoming, 2011)
riverrun – New Paradigm, July 2009
riverrun ii – New Paradigm, Nov. 2009
The Waiting Room – Twisted Dreams, Oct. 2009; reprinted in Flashonomics, Shade City Press (forthcoming, 2011)

Draft for a Haiku – Hacksaw, vol. 2, Issue 1, Spring 2009
My First Rimbaud – Free Verse, Issue 99/100, 2009
The Second Hand – Oak Bend Review, vol. 1, Issue 4, Jan.-Feb. 2009

Israel , 1948-2000, in A History of Israel and the Holy Land (ed. M. Avi-Yonah), Continuum, 2001

Edited Works
Encyclopaedia Judaica , 22 vols., 2 nd ed., Macmillan, 2006 (editor in chief)
New Encyclopedia of Judaism , NYU, 2002 (co-editor)
Student's Encyclopedia of Judaism , NYU, 2004 (co-editor)
Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust , NYU, 2001 (senior editor)

Encyclopedia Entries
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